Transforming Operational Excellence

TSC NDIS Case Study

The Shepherd Center


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TSC NDIS Case Study

Transforming Operational Excellence
A Power Platform Success Story with The Shepherd Centre

ITKnocks proudly showcases The Shepherd Centre’s impactful work, providing hope and support for children with hearing loss. For over 50 years, this not-for-profit pioneer has offered specialized programs, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to fostering skills for every child’s development and future success.

Voice of the Customer

Engagement Summary

In collaboration with The Shepherd Centre, ITKnocks successfully addressed critical challenges faced by their accounting and admin team. Leveraging the Power Platform, including Dynamics 365 Business Central and Canvas App, our team meticulously handled the integration of the internal CDIS system and streamlined the addition of new clients to the NDIS app. Manual management of overdue and paid claims in Business Central was replaced with an automated solution, complemented by Power Automate for notifications and updates.  

Delivered Projects

Transforming Operational Excellence

ITKnocks successfully delivered a transformative project to The Shepherd Centre, leveraging the Power Platform to tackle critical operational challenges. The implementation involved deploying Dynamics 365 Business Central and a custom Canvas App, automating the integration of the CDIS system with the NDIS app. This innovative solution not only streamlined the addition of new clients but also automated claims management, introducing notifications for overdue claims. The project further enhanced visibility for the accounting team by updating paid invoices to the NDIS app, ensuring improved operational efficiency, data integrity, and informed decision-making for The Shepherd Centre. 

The Challenge

The Shepherd Centre confronted significant operational hurdles as their accounting and admin team grappled with manual processes in integrating the internal CDIS system with the NDIS app. Challenges included the cumbersome addition of new clients, manual management of overdue and paid claims in Business Central, and the absence of a mechanism for handling agreement items related to clients in the app. These obstacles created inefficiencies, data integrity concerns, and a lack of visibility, prompting the need for a transformative solution. 

Our Solution

The Power Platform Canvas App and Power Automate were instrumental in resolving the identified challenges, automating CDIS system integration and addressing overdue claims. Additionally, automated notifications to RM improved claim management, while updates to the NDIS app for paid invoices enhanced accounting team visibility. This integrated solution not only streamlined processes but also significantly improved overall operational efficiency. 

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Technical Outcomes


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