CRM for Builders

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CRM for Builders developed on Power Apps – Model Driven provides the complete life cycle of the customer from the first point touch to ever last happy customer base.

Do not just rely on your best salesperson to sell the package, help customers to find and realise their dream home, and win big with repeat business and referrals.

Features of the Systems

Manage your complete sales cycle

  • From first contact to contract

  • Respond to customer (Timely and efficiently)

  • Help them estimate to provide quote

  • Build their dream home (during draft stage)

  • Compare the price and design specifications within your database

Customer on boarding

  • Help customer from Deposit to Contract stage

  • Manage settlement process with customer and bank

Maintain customer expectations during the building process

  • Help relationship manager not only relying on the emails and backend systems

  • Inform customer with the progress through different stages

  • 360-degree information on the communications, expectations, and progress stage

  • Help them to manage their move to new house, (last time approvals such as

  • Send notifications and alerts for the stage progress and payment through the system

Manage Projects

  • Manage Project timelines / Schedules

  • Project Costing

  • Contractors

  • Manage Invoices

Manage Resources

  • Manage Project Resources such as Contractors, Project teams, outsourcing

  • Maintain Resources skills and availability

Self-service Portal for customers

  • Detail about the progress

  • Live images (integrated with 3rd party tools or onsite camera)

  • Payment Details

Post Construction Assist Program

  • Manage Warranties and Support

  • Help customer to manage their warranties with vendors

  • Vendor access for the portal

  • Extend assist program to build customer next dream home

  • Run referral program

Mobile App

  • Survey App for Pre and Post task (For internal usage)

  • Inform customer with the progress

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