ITKnocks Inspectus App is now available on AppSource!

Inspectus – Simple, Fast, Bulletproof Inspections

Inspectus offers a quick, easy way to streamline and automate every step of your inspection process.

Capture inspection details, take photos, track changes, and share data with your team in real time – all in one easy-to-use app.

Create tailored inspections for any purpose – property management, car dealerships, site security, equipment inspections, maintenance, incident reporting. Anything!

Inspectus helps you to stay focused and collaborate more effectively, while ensuring compliance with standards and regulations.

You also get instant reports and analytics to monitor the efficiency of your inspections and track the status of your assets.

So stop wasting time on admin and paperwork each time you conduct an inspection.

Sign up today, and discover how Inspectus can save your business time and money.


Build your own forms for any type of inspection, survey, or audit
Capture images, videos, geolocation, and other onsite data
Integrated document management and distribution
Collaborate instantly with onsite and back-office staff
Track change requests and distribute details to project managers
Push jobs to onsite field workers and get a real-time response
Automatic intelligent decision-making for onsite jobs
Submit incidents, injuries, and issues via the app to back-office staff
Real-time consolidated data and analytics
Online and offline functionality


Boost efficiency and collaboration
Focus on outcome-based tasks
Respond quickly to changing circumstances
Include rich data like video and audio when reporting defects
Develop forms for field staff to perform any function
Avoid ad-hoc notifications by consolidating updates in one app
Improved onsite resource management
Standardise compliance and safety checks
Runs on any device (no need to buy new hardware)

Suitable Industries

Facilities Management
Incident Reporting
Time Tracking
Property Inspection
Vehicle Dealerships
Utilities Management
Site Security
Equipment and Asset Inspection
Installation, Repair and Maintenance
Surveys and Feedback Forms

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