Personal Injury Claims Management

EML Case Study

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EML Case Study

Transformative Excellence
ITKnocks Empowers EML Group in
Personal Injury Claims Management

EML Group, a venerable institution with 110 years of expertise in workers’ insurance and personal injury claims management. As ITKnocks, we proudly collaborated with EML, leveraging our Microsoft technology stack proficiency to streamline their operations, ensuring tailored solutions and a national network of professionals for unparalleled client service. 

Voice of the Customer

Engagement Summary

In a transformative collaboration with EML Group, ITKnocks addressed critical challenges stemming from misconfigurations in their Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement solution. Despite a recent implementation, the system faced underutilization due to intricate entity relationships, hindering operational efficiency. Our solution involved meticulous reconfiguration, simplification of entity relationships, and the implementation of Power Automate workflows to automate key processes. Through strategic training initiatives, we empowered EML’s users, fostering autonomy and reducing dependencies. This holistic approach positions EML to harness the full potential of Dynamics 365, ensuring improved operational efficiency and business success. 

Delivered Projects

Personal Injury Claims Management

ITKnocks successfully executed a multifaceted project for EML Group encompassing Phase 1, Phase 1B, and Legacy Data Migration. In Phase 1, meticulous reconfiguration of the Dynamics 365 Customer Service app was undertaken, tailored to EML’s specific business needs. Phase 1B involved streamlined and simplified entity relationships, ensuring a more user-friendly system. The Legacy Data Migration was seamlessly managed, ensuring the smooth transition of critical data. This comprehensive approach, combined with strategic Power Automate workflows and user empowerment through training, positions EML Group at the forefront of leveraging their Microsoft technology stack for enhanced operational efficiency and sustained success in personal injury claims management. 

The Challenge

EML Group encountered substantial hurdles with their Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement solution, marked by underutilization and misconfigurations. Despite a recent implementation, intricate entity relationships posed challenges, rendering the system practically unusable. This complexity became a significant impediment, hampering EML’s ability to fully exploit the potential benefits of the D365 solution. Operational efficiency and overall business productivity were hindered, necessitating ITKnocks‘ comprehensive solution to streamline and reconfigure the system, ultimately empowering EML to unlock the platform’s full potential. 

Our Solution

In response to the challenges faced by EML Group in their Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement solution, ITKnocks implemented a comprehensive solution aimed at transforming operational excellence. This involved a meticulous reconfiguration of the Dynamics 365 Customer Service app, tailored to EML’s specific business needs. To address the complexity of entity relationships, ITKnocks streamlined and simplified them, ensuring a more user-friendly and efficient system. The strategic creation of multiple Power Automate workflows automated key business processes, leveraging low-code solutions to ensure not only effectiveness but also a low-maintenance system for sustained operational excellence. 

Business Outcomes


Improved User

Autonomy and

Time and
Cost Savings

Technical Outcomes

Optimized Dynamics 365

Entity Relationship

Efficient Power
Automate Workflows


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