By Asimuddin

Do You Really Need More Than One Software Vendor?

No matter if you are skeptical about your data or going for multiple software vendors because of the excess of options, you don’t need various software vendors to get your work done. In fact, it is wiser and much of a future-proofing option to rely on a single vendor only. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at some facts.

●   More Vendors – more integrations

While working on a project and contacting multiple vendors need a lot of integrations and implementations that require a significant amount of time and focus, now, if you are working on new tools and product updates, then your focus will be shifted towards implementations rather than other vital tasks.

●   Single Vendor is always Cost-effective

Shop around is the trick to get the best rates from the market, but it is not more than a myth for the IT industry. You may get a bottom line price. Still, there are a lot of hidden expenses like staff training costs, Operational fees, procurement efforts, and system(s) management while having multiple vendors.

Single Vendor, on the other hand, can be really cheap and cost-effective. A lot of deals for multiple services are available from most vendors that are far more cost-effective than having multiple vendors for a single type of service. It is also easy for companies to negotiate with vendors when they are receiving various services.

●   Not easy to Standardise Governance

It is really tough to standardizing Governance across multiple vendors. Because they all have their models and processes, it is difficult to find standard multi-vendor management “rules” that all vendors can accept.

Things to consider while relying on a single vendor

A single vendor is better than having multiple vendors, being said that, some essential things should be managed while relying on a single software vendor.

●   Governance should be in place

Data governance is the overall supervision of the availability, usability, integrity, and security of data used in an enterprise. If the Governance is not in place, then you have to pay its costs later, and when you rely on a single vendor, you have to take special care of your data in this case.

●   Find the vendor specialized in your niche.

It is not easy to find a vendor that provides all the services you need. In some cases, you have to find a 2nd vendor for a single task. The best companies are experts in their particular niche, and they don’t have time to train people for every niche. That’s why you have to look for a vendor that is specialized in your specific niche.

Why you need only one software vendor

One of the primary reasons people don’t choose only one vendor is because they are skeptical about their data. But don’t you know about data democratization?

●   Data democratization

Data democratization emphasizes that everybody should have access to data, and there should be no restriction for anybody to access the data.

Until lately, data was “owned” by IT authorities. And Businesses such as business analysts, marketing, and executives need the data to make business declarations, but they always had to go through the IT department to get the data. But now, with the concept of data democratization, it is being suggested that everyone should have the freedom to access the data so that they can use that for their use or future development.

●   AI requires data in one place.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now in practice, and in the next few years, it will completely change our world. Being an IT company, if you do not adopt AI, you can not survive in the market, and you will vanish in no time. AI requires data -a lot of data. And if you are using multiple vendors, it will be tough for you to gather the data at one place in the future to modify yourself for the AI revolution.

We help businesses and specially SMB to find their best strategy using Microsoft Business Apps. As we believe, Microsoft provide a complete set of tools, technology, and vision for the organisation. I am Muhammad Asimuddin, love to design solutions for businesses to create a win-win situation for their customers.

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