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ACWA Case Study

ITKnocks' Digital Transformation for
ACWA Case Management

The association encourages individuals, both young aspirants and those contemplating a meaningful career change, to consider the dynamic field of community work. ACWA has a rich history of accomplishments, including advocating for minimum standards in training packages, developing a code of ethics, collaborating with education providers, and representing the profession in government committees. 

Voice of the Customer

Engagement Summary

ACWA was looking to migrate from their current CRM to Dynamics 365 and wanted to reduce the requirement of manual data entry from WordPress and data management. They were looking for a completed solution that could help them get the data from WordPress, manage and process the data and sync it back to WordPress for their members. They also wanted the ability to update the legacy data which includes the previously handled cases and members’ details.  

The result was a significant improvement in case management and customer (members) engagement which increased their overall productivity by automating 80% of their manual work including enhanced automated document handling, sending automated emails in different steps of case management, sending out the welcome pack emails and renewal emails for all customers (members, CPD providers and course providers). 

Delivered Projects

CRM Migration

ITKnocks successfully implemented a tailored MS Dynamics-based CRM solution, revolutionizing our client’s case management processes. Through strategic automation, we achieved an impressive 80% reduction in manual tasks, significantly enhancing overall productivity. The project included the seamless integration of automated workflows, sophisticated document handling, and targeted email communications at various stages of case management. We ensured that the CRM addressed specific needs, such as generating welcome pack emails, renewal notifications for members, CPD providers, and course providers. This comprehensive solution not only streamlined operations but also resulted in a marked improvement in customer (members) engagement. The successful implementation has positioned our client for sustained efficiency and excellence in their service delivery. 

The Challenge

The challenge involves migrating to a new MS Dynamics-based CRM, focusing on efficient case management within a customer service framework. Key challenges include diversifying services, automating workflows, ensuring data consolidation, managing non-individual entities, integrating with existing systems, streamlining manual reviews, and enhancing outcome communication. The goal was to create a dynamic, automated, and integrated system that optimizes operational efficiency, automates repetitive tasks, and provides a comprehensive solution for evolving customer service needs. 

Our Solution

Our proposed solution involves implementing a robust MS Dynamics-based CRM tailored to the specific needs of efficient case management. This solution encompasses automation of workflows for various services, personalized communication generation, document management, task tracking, and consolidated customer information. Integration with the existing WordPress website and MemberPress ensures seamless data collection. By introducing automation, centralization, and streamlined workflows, we aim to enhance operational efficiency, reduce manual efforts, and provide our client with a comprehensive, user-friendly CRM system that aligns perfectly with their unique customer service requirements. 

Business Outcomes

Operational Efficiency

Increased Productivity

Efficient Data Synchronization

Optimized Performance

Technical Outcomes

Seamless Integration

Enhanced Data Accessibility

Improved Data Accuracy

Cost Savings

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