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Self-Service Portal

Self-service portal gives you access to your external users or customers to your data through a web-based interface according to your custom branding.

Power Apps Portals Consulting

Portals allow you to share data and information with customers and vendors alike. Itknocks can help you implement Power Apps Portals to create enterprise-level web applications. From customer service portals to partner portals and vendor portals, we can guide you through the process! Create web applications that reduce workloads, increase automation, and eliminate out-dated processes. Power Apps Portals keeps you connected with Dynamics 365.

Save your customers, vendors, partners, and employees time and money by bringing years of development experience to Power Apps Portals. Our consultants’ team can go beyond the basics that Power Apps offers to bring your team world-class experience in custom designed and implemented portals for customers of all sizes. From simple customer portals to enterprise-level partner and EDI portals, even custom-developed portals, itknocks has you covered! 


Give insights into Power BI and Power Automate with the connections to Common Data Service. itknocks is adept at creating complex integrations and systems to Portals allowing your teams to surface data to those who need it most without the complexity of past systems.  


itknocks will match the look and feel of your website with customizations and branding. We help you create and manage the content that users and partners can access using an intuitive interface and step by step guidance from our team.  Since it’s low code – you reap the cost savings.


We help you to give secure access to your data to your customers and partners via a single source of truth. We work with your team to provide public or authenticated data to those customers that need it most through the same secure channels that you’ve come to know and love from the Microsoft stack!

Customer Service Portal

Customer service is critical to the health of any company, having a portal that customers can visit that provides them a centralized location to get support and communicate with your team allows you to offer better, faster, and more competitive customer service, boosting your revenues and decreasing customer churn. 


Partner Portal

If partners are the lifeblood of your organization like they are for Dynamic Consultants Group, you need a partner that understands that Portals play a major role in providing the most up to date information to your partners for changes to your products and services. We can help you implement a portal solution that meets all your needs.  


Supplier/Vendor Portal

Connecting to your vendors or suppliers is critical in todays modern world. Keeping up with your inventory or your vendor orders keeps you competitive in a global market. We can build and implement a Vendor Portal or a Supplier portal to allow you to enhance your forecasting, EDI or decrease your time to payment all using one seamless portal.


Employee Portal

We can help you to develop and implement an employee self service portal for employee record management, payroll and HR management, as well as for performance management and even recruiting. Save yourself from integration projects with other portals that are not integrated with Dynamics 365 by using Power Apps Portals. 


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