Inspection App

Build on Power Apps Canvas, we provide a low-cost alternative to D365 field service App. The app comes with model drive interface to setup. The activity entity is used to store the information about inspection that can be easily to link to any record in the Data verse. MS Power Apps are built once run everywhere and any platform be it Android, iOS or web.

App Features

Collaboration with onsite staff and respective back-office personnel
Take images, videos, geo location or other data onsite and get it automatically managed for back office
Track onsite change requests: Take pictures, create SOW as PDF and email to Project Managers
Provide Inspections, Survey and Audit capability
Back-Office Process: Auto and intelligent decision making for next stage of onsite work job.
Integrated Doc Mgmt: Back office gets Instant and easy access of relevant site docs and make decisions on spot
Create your own forms: Enable n number of dynamics field forms to gather data
Integrated Project Mgmt to Push jobs to onsite field workers and get real time response
Field staff can submit incidents, injuries and issues through app to the back off
Reporting and Data Analytics: Get real time consolidated data and analytics.
Provide Offline capability.

App Benefits

Increase efficiency, real-time collaboration, focus on outcome-based project tasks, centralized document management, quick response to changing circumstances, better onsite resource management
Avoid ad-hoc updates from within the work fields and get their consolidation at one place
Device Independence More importantly, it’s BYOD for workers, i.e., no need to buy a device for field workers
Performing inspections as with these apps, you can collect rich data such as photos, video, and audio to document the defects found
Standardizing your compliance and safety checks with electronic forms are easily customizable
Developing forms to your field staff to perform any field service and collect data and documentation related to the job

Inspection App assist in the following business scenarios but not limited to:

Facilities Management
Incident Reporting
Time Tracking
Property Inspection
Utilities Management
Site Security
Equipment and Asset Inspection
Installation, Repair and Maintenance
Surveys and Feedback Forms

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