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Power Platform : Extraction of data from Email attachments and input in a Legacy app(with no API). Implementation Without any Code!

Recently I came across with a requirement by a client to input data automatically in a desktop legacy app which has no exposed API or integration method available also my client did not have any intentions of extending that app. Complete requirement was to automate their manual process in a way to automatically extract data [...]
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Power Platform: Mobile app to Count objects in an image: 1 simple line of Code

This article I can relate with my previous article in which I used one of the AI builder component - >Form Processing. In this article I will use another very interesting Power Platform AI Builder component and develop a Canvas app to use it on any mobile device. This kind of app can be used [...]
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Power Platform Chatbots: NO CODE, Convert your website’s FAQs into a multi language chatbot, embed on your website and Verify User Input data

I am often asked by clients for solutions to reduce number of customers calls and emails to their call centers related to inquiries, help or queries. The increase in number of calls also require more staff to be hired. In my experience most of my clients who already have websites, they try to put as [...]
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Azure App functions: A Server less shared code execution and service automation

In one of the projects my client required to have a code/process/business logic to be available on a shared location to be executed automatically/on demand by different applications. Any shared processes/applications like this require to be hosted on a server or machine. In my scenario my client had Azure subscription but was reluctant to acquire/purchase [...]
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When do we need a thought-leadership in IT

Working with IT consultancies and end users, I observed one phenomenon, which applies to every situation and business. The 80/20 rule !! The 80/20 rule by Pareto was inspired by the realisation that a few faults tend to be responsible for the majority of problems in the production line. This means that efficiency and time [...]
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Do you really need more than one software vendor?

No matter if you are skeptical about your data or going for multiple software vendors because of the excess of options, you don't need various software vendors to get your work done. In fact, it is wiser and much of a future-proofing option to rely on a single vendor only. Don't believe me? Let's take a look at some facts.
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